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Hypnotherapy Conference presentation

In May, 2012 Daniel was invited to present at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners international conference in California (photo above). It was a great opportunity to share his approach with other practitioners. At this conference he learned there are great differences in the quality and effectiveness of hypnotherapy training programs across America.


Some practitioners only completed a short online course. While others achieved greater understanding through full-time courses (such as the one he attended) that included supervised clinical practice sessions. Many hypnotherapists from around the country had never attended college. Others were college graduates, but few also had a graduate degree. And fewer still were in his category with an undergraduate and graduate major in psychology.


Work history among his fellow practitioners also varied greatly. A few had begun their practice at young ages, and worked for decades perfecting their skills. For others, it was a second or third career, with years of prior work experience in unrelated fields. As a Life and Business Coach, Daniel brings decades of experience analyzing situations and problem-solving with clients in a variety of occupations and industries.

Prior to starting Inner Power Hypnosis, he taught management, communication and interpersonal relations at the undergraduate and graduate levels; he also consulted with Fortune 500 corporations such as AT&T, Chase, HP, Citibank, NYNEX, Weight Watchers and NY Life.

As part of his consulting work, he published articles and was asked to present at local, national and international conferences. During his time in the naming business, we used a group creativity process (pictured below) to name O'Doul's beer, Teddy Grahams cereal, Kudos granola bars, and many lesser-known products.

Group at business meeting

Although his consulting work was demanding and lucrative, he became dissatisfied in that profession. The projects were fascinating; but his life was geared toward generating greater profits for his clients, rather than helping people. After much soul searching, he decided to switch careers, and was trained in Colorado as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Daniel believes in living a healthy lifestyle, having hobbies and connecting with family and friends. He enjoys exercise, boating, classic car shows, antiques, and enjoying the beautiful Arizona scenery and weather.

Here is a photo of him enjoying a visit with two of his grandchildren, taken a few years ago.

Daniel and Grandchildren
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