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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues Masks

Sometimes, relationship/marital issues can become a part of our hypnotherapy work when a patient is being treated for another challenge. I take a holistic approach, and it's easy to see how someone's anxiety, insecurity, perfectionism or history of alcohol or substance abuse could affect their marriage or romantic relationship. Even in weight-loss or smoking cases, there can be rebellion or anger toward a spouse that feeds the client's issues.

There have also been patients who seek my assistance to heal after a divorce or a bad breakup. While these situations are sad, and most people take time to recover and get on with their lives--for some the pain is overwhelming. Instances where the partner was unfaithful can pose a particular challenge, but hypnosis can help the patient heal, learn from the situation and move on.


In my coaching work we illuminate the reasons for the attraction to the one who eventually cheats, and create ways to minimize the possibility of having a cheating partner in the future. On the flip side, I also have extensive experience helping insecure partners, who risk alienating their spouse with constant jealousy and (unfounded) suspicion. An excellent recent article on common relationship mistakes and mistaken beliefs can be found here: "Six Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal."

For singles, a lack of confidence and social anxiety have a major effect on their romantic possibilities. I've helped many men and women overcome these challenges. With the proper support and healing at the subconscious level, they've been able to find and establish healthy, loving relationships!


Improving social competence and confidence for teens and college students is another specialty of this practice. Young people often have self-esteem issues. And since the source of these insecurities is often found in their childhood experiences, hypnosis can provide a needed and rapid boost to their confidence!

Sex Issues

Couple in Bed with Sex Issues

Approximately 15-20% of couples in the US didn't have sex in the past year. They miss out on the health and intimacy benefits of a regular sex life. In contrast, the average married couple has sex about once per week. Those couples are the happiest; and, although sex more frequently can be a joyful and bonding experience, research shows it does not lead to greater levels of happiness.

On the flip side, people in sexless relationships report less happiness and are more likely to consider divorce or splitting up. We should remember that in some cases, a sexless marriage can be due to physical ailments that can lower the sex drive. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and some prescription drugs may be the cause of a diminished libido.

While I do not get involved in medical causes for these difficulties, I've found that many sexual issues between partners have a psychological basis. And, even if not the only cause, these issues may discourage a person from sexual intimacy. Anxiety, body image, a lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy can play a role. Hypnotherapy has helped in all of these areas. A history of sexual abuse can also be a factor that can be treated.

In cases of erectile dysfunction that do not have a physiological cause, hypnosis has been helpful to bring these men back to being fully functional. Sometimes the real issue is one of unspoken anger between the partners--and I've helped women (with low libidos) work through those issues as well.

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