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My Approach

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Do you have an issue that affects your life, yet no matter how hard you try to fix it, long-term success eludes you? Perhaps you've tried a medical approach, counseling, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, self-help books or motivational programs. Yet, despite the optimistic promises, your issue persists--or returns. Why is that? Most likely these professionals have been treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Do you even know the the cause or causes of your issue? Most clients I see initially do not. Yet, those same people would expect a mechanic to diagnose the cause before working on their vehicle, right? How can something be fixed without knowing the cause? But diagnosing the cause is only the first step. If the mechanic doesn't have the knowledge, tools or parts to fix it--you are still out of luck!

This is why 90% of weight-loss programs fail long term. The same is true for drug and alcohol rehab. This is also why people who take two-hours to fall asleep, or are afraid to drive on freeways just try to make do. Why people give up on dating or relationships--or sex. Why people repeatedly self-sabotage, or are afraid to even try to live to their potential.


And, when they do push themselves to do something difficult, they may have a panic attack! For some, speaking at a meeting or doing a class presentation creates terrible anxiety. There are causes for these problems--and I've successfully treated them all.

Most likely, the solution won't be found in a prescription pill or a wine bottle. Quite simply, the problem is in their subconscious, and they have no access to it in their day-to-day life. Neither do most other healthcare professionals. If you'd like to understand how hypnotherapy works and see independent assessments of its effectiveness, this recent Forbes article will be very helpful: "Hypnosis: Is It Worth The Hype?"

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