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Hypnotherapy for Self-Sabotage and Fear

There are a variety of ways some people sabotage their lives and success. They may engage in unhealthy behaviors like overeating, smoking, heavy drinking or drug abuse. Others establish relationships with abusive partners or those who continually create drama.

The sabotage of one's education and career are also common. This manifests as quitting when it gets difficult, getting into arguments with the teacher or boss, lateness or absenteeism, procrastination, or an inability to finish tasks or projects.

College Student with Laptop

​​​​​​​​​Even though this tendency expresses itself in myriad ways, at the core is usually a problem with self-esteem. If your self-image is one of a "loser," or "failure," or someone who is "powerless" to improve your circumstances, your subconscious will encourage you to have experiences that confirm this self-image.


And, every time things don't work out, your inner child is there to remind you that you can't expect any better!

Other people can be happy and successful--which makes you jealous--but you are not deserving or capable of creating happiness in your life.

Individuals with this issue never seem to live up to their potential, and usually have trouble accepting compliments. When someone says something nice to you, do you immediately think it's not sincere, and/or the person just wants something? Even in your words and thoughts, do you put yourself down and diminish your accomplishments?

A few years ago I treated a woman who won "Nurse of the Year" in a large hospital. While winners from previous years proudly displayed the award plaque at their office or work station, this woman never displayed it. Even worse, when I inquired about it, she couldn't even find the plaque anyplace at work or in her home!

Friends and family members sometimes try to encourage these people--aware of their true potential. However, those words of support fall on deaf ears. The voice of their inner child is louder and more powerful! Early experiences of discouragement, criticism and lack of support live on in their minds and provide sabotaging thoughts and messages.

Only through professional hypnotherapy can the messages from the inner child be changed to reflect what is possible. Many people I've helped have made dramatic changes in their lives. They received promotions or accepted higher-level jobs in other organizations. Some were able to find healthy romantic relationships, while others achieved their educational dreams! These changes became visible to all around them.


Once their subconscious mind is re-programmed to line up with the adult possibilities rather than the childhood messages, major life changes seem to happen effortlessly.

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