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Hypnotherapy Testimonials Google

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Carol S. (2014):
Over this past year I: lost over 50 lbs, learned to make healthy choices, established my self-esteem and self-respect, learned to set boundaries, became physically fit again, got in touch with my feelings, learned to feel (and act) like a woman and appreciate my body, weathered a crisis situation and learned from it, put to rest the horrors that dogged me from my past, and feel positive and hopeful. This has been a remarkable experience, and one I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars!

Rich T. (2012):
Daniel, I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  Since our last session I trashed all the wine I had in the house and switched from drinking white wine while cooking to Sprite.  I drink Sprite with dinner now instead of red wine as well.  So I haven't had a drink in nearly two weeks.  It doesn't even sound good to have a glass of wine now.  So I am very excited to put the 15 years of drinking every night behind me and be healthy!

Reina (2019):
You've been highly recommended to all of my colleagues at the hospital, and I was happy to hear the doctor I sent you accomplished his goals.

Jerry (2019):
What you did in hypnosis last time is fantastic. I’m not getting upset or irritated at the small things, which is really helping me out in countless ways. It’s working incredibly well.

Jackie (2014)
The hypnosis really helped, so thank you so much!
I hope my parents realize that me trying to be independent from them is a good thing. Thank you so much for everything!

Gabi (2014)
I feel really great! It helps to feel reinforcement of what I know in my heart. Nice to be able to release unfulfilling behavior, and replace it with healthier and more positive actions.

Jessica (2015)
My husband was really impressed with how well I did this weekend, that he feels assured that it may help with some of his anxieties too. Thank you! Thank you!!!

Cynthia (2016)
You are fabulous and you are my life saver!

Rich (2012)
Since the first hypno session my golf game improved dramatically. My handicap went from 7 to 3 in 6 weeks. I have won 5 tournaments during that time with scores close to 70. If you told a room full of golfers that they could expect to cut their handicaps in half in 6 weeks, they would laugh at you and then get up and walk out of the room. That's how impossible it is to accomplish what we have done!


Amy (2016)
I just wanted to let  you know that I had the best's night sleep ever! I wanted to say thank you, and hopefully I can continue to get some sleep. :)

Denisse (2018)
I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I'm doing great! I've been working out regularly, I've started the grad school application process, volunteering at a hospital, and I recently became a mentor for a foster kid. I also started dating a guy and our relationship is going really well. it's the healthiest relationship I've ever had with a man, and I'm enjoying it, and having a lot of fun with him. So thank you so much!

Roseanne (2018)
I have a new set of eyes now and can start looking at the world from a new angle. Thank you for guiding me! I know there is more work to do, and I look forward to continuing this process with you. I was tempted to bail, walk, run away, because I was actually afraid of what I was going to find out. So glad I am staying in the game! I feel like Moses finding the promised land after 40 years in the desert!

Richard (2012)
I thought the insomnia would be the toughest thing to correct since I had been taking Ambien every night for 10 years. Amazingly, we cured that after two weeks. I sleep like a baby now and I feel so much healthier. I want to thank you for all of your help. What we accomplished far exceeded my expectations. I am a true believer in hypno therapy. I will be sending you many referrals.

George (2016)
I do feel a lot better. Thanks. It took a little time to realize the effect. Thanks again.

Taylor (2018)
After our first weight-loss session, I already felt different. Not wanting to stop for anything to eat or drink on the way home, and at dinner last night.

Chelsie (2019)
I've drank only once since seeing you, and have been more serious about sobriety. I think what we did helped. I think we found something good to work with.

Jacqueline (2019)
Your session on ending people pleasing helped me. I had enough, and quit my job on Monday. By the way, it felt great to walk away on my own terms, thank you so much.

Doron (2013)
I went up to Sedona to read and relax, and goodness I have never been so well rested and relaxed. And, I haven't had a panic attack in ages!

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